BBC 435ci Engine



Bored & honed .040
boiled, square decked, balanced, blueprinted
pressure checked, new cam bearings, brass freeze plugs
Casting #3999289
Block date code A-8-73

Cast #3904815
Date code K-16-2
Resized & Micropolished
Mains – .020 / Rods – .020
Magnafluxed & Chamfered oil passages


OEM 5140
Resized with ARP rod bolts

Forged L2300NF-40 .140 small dome
Chromolly rings

Closed Chamber 98cc
Oval port
Cast Iron
Competition valve job, Milled .010
HP springs & CM retainers
2.07 int/ 1.72 exh valves
Hard ex seats
Heads from 1966 390HP 427
Cast # 3872702 Date Code J-28-5

Hydraulic flat tappet MC1958
Int 293* dur – .510 lift
Exh 307* dur – .510 lift
Double roller timing chain
Roller tip rockers, new 3/8 pushrods

Engine is neutral balanced, HV oil pump, Performer RPM intake, Aluminum valve covers, HP balancer

Core $300
Stand $49

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