SBC 4340 Rods

SBC 4340 Rods
  • $399.00
4340 H-Beam Rods
8740 Cap screw rod bolts

SBC – 5.7″ or 6.0″

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ProCool Aluminum Radiators

ProCool Aluminum Radiators
  • $200.00 USD
Chevrolet ProCool Radiators
2 row
TIG welded
Furnace brazed, with billet water neck

22″, 25″, 29″

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Ford 9″ housing

Ford 9" Housing
  • $350.00 USD
40″ end-to-end
Set up for 4-link
Big Ford Ends
Center pinion

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BBC 496ci shortblock

BBC 496 shortblock
  • $2850.00 USD

Bored .030 & Honed
New cam bearings & Brass freeze plugs
Block boiled, pressure checked, square decked
2 bolt mains with a main stud kit
clearanced for stroker
Clevite H series rod & Main bearings

New 4340 Steel Std/Std
Micropolished & Chamfered oil passages

6.385″ H Beam with ARP Rod bolts

Probe Forged Medium Dome
18cc Dome, Chromoly rings

Internally balanced, Blueprinted

Picture of our BBC 496 shortblock

Core $250
Stand $49

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CSR Electric Water Pump SBC

CSR Electric Water Pump
  • $259.00 USD
CSR SBC Electric Water pump
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BBC 435ci Engine


Bored & honed .040
boiled, square decked, balanced, blueprinted
pressure checked, new cam bearings, brass freeze plugs
Casting #3999289
Block date code A-8-73

Cast #3904815
Date code K-16-2
Resized & Micropolished
Mains – .020 / Rods – .020
Magnafluxed & Chamfered oil passages


OEM 5140
Resized with ARP rod bolts

Forged L2300NF-40 .140 small dome
Chromolly rings

Closed Chamber 98cc
Oval port
Cast Iron
Competition valve job, Milled .010
HP springs & CM retainers
2.07 int/ 1.72 exh valves
Hard ex seats
Heads from 1966 390HP 427
Cast # 3872702 Date Code J-28-5

Hydraulic flat tappet MC1958
Int 293* dur – .510 lift
Exh 307* dur – .510 lift
Double roller timing chain
Roller tip rockers, new 3/8 pushrods

Engine is neutral balanced, HV oil ...

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BBC 4340 Rods

BBC 4340 Rods
BBC 4340 Rods
$399.00 USD
4340 H-Beam Rods
8740 Cap screw rod bolts

BBC – 6.135″ or 6.385″

Picture of our 4340 H-Beam rods

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Helpful Info

Since the site has been offline for quite some time and recently revamped and brought back on, I noticed there were links on the web pointing to some old but useful info. I’ve converted it to PDF below.

Click here for Chevy Casting Number decoding.
Click here for Ignition Information.
Click here for Burrs and Rotary Files.
Click here for Chevy Factory Cam specs.

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About Kendricks Machine Shop

Established in 1976 by Tommy & Patricia Kendrick. Our business was started mainly to relieve problems of getting quality work in a timely manner to maintain our personal and customer race cars.

Chassis construction, Engine Swaps, and Engine building was our original goals. Keep in mind that at this period of time there was very little mail order business. If you needed anything special you were in for a long wait. This quickly led us into the hard core racing parts business.

The success of our drag race cars in 1969-1979 era led a part time engine building hobby into a full time business.

Chassis construction and engine swaps were gradually phased out due to problems of recruiting qualified personnel at this period of time in South Texas...

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Contact Info

4242 Milling Rd
San Antonio, TX 78219
(210) 337-0838


Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm
Sat 10am – 1pm

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