Used Parts Section

Hopefully over the next few days I can add more pictures of some of the used parts we have in-house. Our parts range from Holley/Edelbrock carburetors, Pistons, intakes, heads, valve covers, oil pans, rear end housings, headers, etc.

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Added a few more pics to our slider above, more updates..

Hey fellow hot rodders and racers…

Still working on updating the site.  I added a few pictures of our head flow bench, engine dyno, a small sample of our New and Used Inventory section.   We’ve got quite a few parts, from Edelbrock and Holley carbs which we go thru and rebuild in house, new valve covers from fabbed, chrome, to polished, electric and mechanical water pumps, oil pans, intakes, rods, pistons, Ford 9″ housings, headers etc.

Give us a call or just stop by.  Click here for directions and contact info!

Another update was adding a “Helpful Info” link across the top.  I had some old pages on my site that were full of useful info that was still getting hits.

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Kendrick Automotive website under construction.

Excuse our mess..

The Speed Equipment link is under construction. Prices and items are just for testing purposes.



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